TV PILOT / 42 Minutes

With a kid on the way, Jay has to leave his life of crime behind him, before his wife leaves him behind.

Dark in tone, light in mood. PIT is a unique genre-mashup that combines rom-com tropes with elements of crime movies and thrillers. Not your high-key feel-good comedy, but low-key and sarcastic! With over 100 people involved in the production, this is my effort for a debut in narrative fiction. See project page here.


COMMERICAL / 30 Seconds

About renovating your home and the live-changing epiphany in shape of your wife when you happen to be needing proper tools.



Pottsalat delivers freshly-made salads. Still have reasons to eat unhealthy? They’ll get rid of those reasons for you. Experience maximum convenience in the age of food delivery!


MUSIC VIDEO / 3 Minutes

That escalated quickly. This video for nationally acclaimed German hip-hop duo ‘257ers‘ makes a case that the idea of a party is highly subjective. How to start a riot.


SHORT FILM / 1 Minute

What’s hindering you? A brief but personal portrait of the inner life of a thirty-something filmmaker

Director: Mike Linde
DP & Co-Director: Johannes Tschepe
Music & Sound Design: Justus Grosskreutz

Gökçe Sezer, Joseph Simpson-Bushell, Mamad Heidari
, Marvin Wester, Marie Luca, Steven Sarpong


MUSIC VIDEO / 3 Minutes

He’s real and a local legend. For over 15 years Essen’s sweetheart, ‘the Ghettoblasterboy’ has been spontaneously popping up and entertaining the crowds whenever they least expected it. But what if there was someone to fight his place? This video is a home run for nationally acclaimed hip-hop duo ‘257ers‘.


MUSIC VIDEO / 3 Minutes

Some infectious behavior takes over in a military air base. It’s probably the worst day in this general’s career as discipline has reached an all-time low.


MUSIC VIDEO / 3 Minutes

Cheer up! This eccentric piece of fiction not only explores the relief of a break-up, but what sorts of things you could separate from in the first place. Meet German hip-hop duo ‘257ers‘ in disguise.